Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Indian Princess

One of my counter parts sent home a lovely gift for the youngster.  I am not sure we wore it in the correct fashion, but it has been swirled and danced around the house, so I am thinking it was a hit.


India in a Flash

I crossed the globe and back in a flash, the week was a whirlwind in which I hardly had time to adjust to the time zones.  But here are a quick few snaps of the journey.  India is starting to grow on me now I am a repeat traveller, it is truly unique and remains a culture of extremes.  The poverty and richness of the country is truly amazing.  I even look forward to the hotels and the food, the taste of India is nothing like what we do to it in Australia.

 Despite seeing the Taj last trip, you can never really understand what it is like to walk in front of it, and to listen to the history.  This trip I also bought back a chess set that I had been searching for.  I wanted a set to hold on to.  I remember my father teaching me to play as a very young child.  Maddison will start lessons next year at school, and we will practice at home on a set made from the same marble and precious stones at the Taj, and one day I will pass it to Maddison for her to look back on our journey together.

Indian Sunrise

Sunrise at 6:15 am in India, a rare moment of clear sky and beauty.  The trip this year was considerably cleaner than my visit 12 months ago.  The Government is trying to eradicate plastic bags, and I think it is working as there are definitely fewer of them lining the roads.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Over Whelmed

It is official, after months of struggling to balance work, study, parenting, relationships and life, I am over whelmed.  A transitional period with work that never seems to transition has spilled over into everything.  And as I glance around my life I see the debris of chaos everywhere. 

A week of sickness, then a week of international travel for work and then home, no wonder things look awry!  I have wallowed in it all for a week, whilst making some noises at work about the unsustainability of it all. 

The straw that broke this week was actually realising that I had forgotten to pay my credit card bill five days ago.  Me!  The person who tracks every receipt, can rattle of their net worth and give you my current tracking position until financial independence,  yes a bitter pill to swallow.  A waisted $150, ouch that hurt.

In Queensland it is a long weekend, which in itself was a surprise, as was my footy team being in the grand final!  Yes, life is clearly out of control.

I managed to spend some time out in the yard, trying desperately to connect and find some of my usual grounding strength.  Today, I have realised that one of my strengths is organisation, so time to get on with it.  In cleaning up the kitchen I found the invitation to a Scottish wedding, and it is themed, so time to organise what I will need.  I do actually have a Scottish heritage of my own, so I am importing some stuff, along with the wedding gift.  At least I have a month for it to arrive, which is a good sign in comparison to paying my credit card bill.

Life at home is still littered with pieces of my sisters life, including a double fridge freezer in the garage.  Of course, I have started to fill it, so next step is to take stock of what we have.  The $21 challenge asks you to write a list (yep, I love a good list) of the fridge, pantry, freezer and your sister's freezer and then plan your meals around using it all up.  That should keep me busy for the balance of the day.

It is also meant to hit 35 degrees and the youngster is already harassing me about breaking the ice on that pool.